What a disaster.

MMA organization Elite XC suffered such an embarrassing night Saturday that they may be out of business. TV ratings on CBS had been plummeting for Elite XC, but they hoped putting their “star” fighter, Kimbo Slice, into the ring against UFC Hall-of-Famer Ken Shamrock would capture ratings.

Unfortunately, not only did Shamrock miss the fight, but “Kimbo Slice’s 15 minutes of fame may have ended in 14 seconds.”

Slice has been hyped up and promoted as the “face” of Elite XC. Saturday night he fell on that face. Hard.

The disaster started for Elite XC when the 44-year-old Shamrock suffered a cut over his eye in a light practice session the day before the fight. State officials in Florida refused to clear Shamrock for the fight and declared him “unfit” to compete. Scrambling for a replacement, Elite XC came up with a complete unknown named Seth Petruzelli.

Petruzelli was supposed to be an easy win for Slice. A complete tomato can. Unfortunately, he destroyed Slice, knocking him out 14 seconds into the first round. Slice’s loss now leaves Elite XC in shambles. The organization had lacked any real big-name MMA fighters. They had hoped to create stars of their own through their tv deal with CBS. Now, their biggest “star” has been revealed as a total joke.

Slice was a Youtube star. Videos of his unsanctioned street fights were internet legend. He was being hyped by Elite XC and CBS as the new “Baddest Man on the Planet.” Instead, Slice has been revealed as just being bad. He has had his MMA career likely ended (or at a minimum completely revealed as a fraud) by an unknown, pink-haired, palooka.

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    Youve got that one right baby!!! yeah. OWNED, PAWNED, ASHAMED!!!

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