As O.J. Simpson awaits a possible life sentence on armed robbery and kidnapping charges, various media outlets have been POUNDING the former NFL star.

Today’s New York Daily News points out that The Juice may be able to return to his former glory. As it turns out, Nevada has a prison football team. Nevada’s High Desert State Prison, where O.J. will soon be transferred, plays a series of football games.

Meanwile, Norm! of the Las Vegas Review Journal has done his usual stellar work on the O.J. story. Yesterday he reported that Simpson was so sure he was going to be sprung by a Las Vegas jury, that the former running back actually had an “acquittal party”  scheduled.

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  1. Sam10 Says:

    When it comes to prison, OJ is a fat oldtimer. There are a lot of youngsters in there, 17+, who would LOVE to KHA. They don’t even know who OJ is or was. To them, he represents their abusive or absent fathers or grandfathers. They will tell him how it is….”U R a washed-up old has-been.”

    Simpson will rot in Protective Custody (PC) because he won’t be safe in General Population (GP). PC is just like Solitary (The Hole). Inmates are locked in a cell 23 hours per day and let out for one hour to shower and go to the “yard,” which is usually some small outside pen surrounded by fence and barbed wire or 25 ft. concrete wall. He’ll be lucky if he can see daylight. And the food ain’t sushi and beer! Jails and prisons spend about $2 per meal on an inmate. MMMMmmm! Not good eats! The green mold on the mystery meat is called Nevada Lettuce.

    Ironic, if OJ had been arrested and held ccountable back when he was beating and physically assaulting Nicole instead of being given the Star Treatment by both White and Black cops, Nicole and Ron might still be alive and OJ’s life may have turned out better.

    He’s spent the last 13 years trying to hide his assets and justifying what he did to his ex-wife… remorse whatsover. In his mind, she deserved it, it was her fault, and all his current problems are her fault. He is one twisted, sorry SOB.

    You can tell what kind of person OJ is by the criminal trash he’s spent his last 13 years with. He was something once, but he is less than nothing now. He is a shameful disgrace and waste of oxegen.

    He’ll probably drop that bimbo Nicole look-alike broad and marry someone else. Without any legal claim to his pension, that slut will sell all she knows to the tabloids, basically confirming that OJ DID IT. He confessed to more people than her, I’m sure. Once he’s committed to the slammer for 20+ years, all of his trashy friends and confidants will spill the beans for $$$. They were justifiably fearful of him when he was out, but he won’t be free for long and they will tell all they know for fame and bucks without threat that he will murder them, too.

    The sordid story of OJ’s disgraceful life will be tabloid fodder for years to come. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

    Byee Byee, OJ, and good riddance to bad rubbish. The hell you earned for yourself has just begun.

  2. fosimmons Says:

    There will be no joy in Simpson’s life from now on. His attorney, Galanter, made a huge mistake by not putting him on the stand knowing all that evidence was there and all those low lifes were standing up against him. All he had was the chance that one of the jury members would hold out for him, but not going on the stand his chances were slim to zero. There are some nasty guys in there who are going to take some shots at him, and he will have to be protected because of what he did to his wife and Ron Goldman.

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