Boxer Peter Buckley of England has announced his retirement. Never heard of Buckley? He is one of the biggest losers in sports history. Buckley has lost 256 professional fights including his last 88 matches. That’s more losses than any other fighter in the world.

In fact, Buckley has continued in the fine tradition of British athletes like Eddie “The Eagle.” He is a professional loser. Buckley’s specialty is being fodder for champions looking for a quick victory. He has lost to 42 boxers who were either current or future championship belt holders. Thus, leading to Buckley’s nickname, “The Human Punching Bag.”

Buckley plans to fight one final time to make it an even 300 fights in his career. A career in which he has not only been labeled, but PROMOTED, as “The World’s Worst Fighter.” Bentley has 31 wins, 265 losses and 12 draws in his lackluster career.  Buckley hasn’t won a fight in five years.


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