Wow! Talk about your tough competitors.

The state of Texas has a history of cheerleading competition being murder. This week three members of the Chapin High School Sapphires Dance Team in El Paso, Texas have been suspended for putting rat poison in their rivals’ cupcakes.

Chapin High had just exchanged sweets with girls from their arch-rival Andress. It was part of a tradition between both schools before their annual football game. The cupcakes and brownies given by the Chapin Sapphires were confiscated when it was revealed that members of the dance team had laced the treats with rat poison, bleach and laxatives.

See if you can spot the potential teen-girl murderers from this video. It features the Chapin High Dance Team against Andress in basketball:






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4 Responses to “WHEN DANCE TEAMS GO BAD”

  1. toobad! Says:

    Too bad this performance was too years before the incident even happened!! The rumers have escalated far beyond the truth!! Tgirl that did that ARE in this video but they hadnt even thought about it back then, this was the 07 dance team! So get ur facts straight and fuck off!!

  2. facts Says:

    Havent you been paying attention??????? The police tested the brownies and they turned out to be CLEAN!!!!! The whole thing was a big rumor this whole time! So next time, before u start puting a bunch of crap on the internet, try to get the REAL STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The police tested the “poisoned brownies and they came back clean! Why dont you talk about all the crap they went through because STUPID MEDIA SOURCES LIKE YOU TALK CRAP ABOUT THINGS THAT ARENT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU IDIOTS!!

  4. huskypride Says:

    I was at Andress for a year, &Chapin for 2. I’m not ashamed at all to say that I’ve enjoyed my time at chapin muchmuchmuch more than I ever did at andress. Strippers, hoodlums, etc would be coming from andress due to the community. So what if Dr. G doesn’t enforce dress code, Andress doesn’t enforce EDUCATION. Personally, education > dress code. The Sapphires, cheerleaders, and football team from chapin have achieved much more in their short time being open than andress has. People take a scandal and try to blow it up to try and make their school sound better. Sapphires are a guilty pleasure of EVERYONE. They have charisma, discipline, &TALENT. Get over bad mouthing one of the best schools in the el paso area.

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