Jim McMahon Sr. is 72-years-old. The father of former Brigham Young University and Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon is a man on a mission, so to speak.

McMahon Sr., who currently lives in Mesquite, Nevada, sent a letter to the athletic director of BYU, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and various Utah media organizations BEGGING his son be inducted into the Brigham Young University Athletic Hall of Fame while he is still alive.

Among other things, the letter says,



“I am writing this letter because it has been bugging me for over 25 years that my son Jim is not in the BYU Hall of Fame and that his jersey has not been retired,” he wrote. “I am now 72 years old, and I do not have much time left, so I am putting in writing what has been in my heart the last 27 years.”


Jim McMahon is arguably the greatest quarterback in college football history. He has been referred to as “the Babe Ruth of college football.” McMahon set 70 NCAA passing records at BYU. That’s a record for records. He also won the first two bowl games in the school’s history and once threw for 4,571 yards and 47 touchdowns in one season.

Despite all of his on-field accomplishments and the elder McMahon’s heartfelt plea, chances are slim that Jim McMahon will ever be honored by BYU. That’s particularly the case after comments the punky qb made on Dan Patrick’s radio show this past week.  McMahon blasted the school saying it used him and he used it. He also belittled the schoolwork needed to be done to finish his college degree saying,




“I was never a classroom kind of guy. I went to play football and that’s it.”




Previously, McMahon was famous for saying the happiest day of his life was, “Provo in my rear view mirror.”

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