Everybody knows that the college football Bowl Championship Series is a fraud. Even the future president wants a playoff. What’s unbelievable is the “computer” system that will be used to pick a pair of teams to meet in the national championship game may be using invalid material to pick those two teams.

The website CollegeBCS.com discovered that the people doing the BCS computer poll simply FORGOT to enter a couple of games in their calculations recently. The games in question didn’t end up influencing the BCS standings when they were recalculated, but the incident brings up a valid point. How many BCS computers have data entry problems?

As it turns out, when teams are as close as they are in college football this season, there is the very real possibility that the difference between an Oklahoma and Texas getting into a national championship game may come to somebody entering the wrong info into a computer!

Read the post in today’s collegefootballtalk.com to see how a data entry error could determine the national champion of college football.

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