First the good news. The San Diego Chargers steamrolled the Denver Broncos 52-21 in their season finale. The win miraculously puts San Diego in the NFL playoffs with a less-than-impressive 8-8 record.

In Sunday’s win, running back LaDainian Tomlinson looked like his old, MVP self with three touchdown runs. However, after the game, Tomlinson was already talking about possibly sitting out next weekend’s playoff game for the Chargers. Tomlinson apparently suffered an abdominal injury in the win over Denver.

NBC sideline reporter Andrea Kremer TWICE gave Tomlinson the ability to say he would play against the Colts next weekend in the playoffs. Instead, Tomlinson twice said he “hopefully” could go but would not commit to playing saying he needed to get “checked out” and he wanted to “make sure everything’s ok.”

Tomlinson was blasted by former NFL players Emmitt Smith and Jamie Dukes this past offseason. Both questioned Tomlinson’s character after he missed the Chargers playoff game against New England last year.

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One Response to “L.T. HAS GUT ISSUES”

  1. Bee Ess Says:

    So how is a strained groin, an “excuse?” Whenever LT gets hurt, he’s treated as if he’s faking it.

    When you look at the facts instead of Jamie Dukes running his mouth, you realize that LT has so many touches the last few years that it’s practically a miracle he can play at all.

    He still has to put up with people questioning whether his injuries are genuine, though. It’s senseless.

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