SPORTSbyBROOKS made the observation today that longtime Atlanta sports columnist Furman Bisher used a quasi-racist phrase when writing about Japanese pitcher Kenshin Kawakami on his blog today. Bisher used the term “Ah, so” when referring to the Atlanta Braves new pitcher.

As SBB points out, Bisher is now 90. He graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1938. He’s so old,  in fact, that he once interviewed Shoeless Joe Jackson and he played golf with Bobby Jones.

Bisher is joining the increasing list of geriatric, downsized bloggers. The combined age of “new” bloggers Bisher and Murray Chass (formerly of the New York Times) is 160. Chass started his website and blog murraychass.com last year after having his contract bought out by the Times. Just don’t call it a blog. Chass says that “it is not a blog and that he hates all blogs.”

Chass famously ripped blogs as being too profane. He acknowledged some of his grandchildren might visit his site but “they hear enough profanity in school without needing to read it here.”




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2 Responses to “WHY 90-YEAR-OLDS SHOULDN’T BLOG”

  1. furmanbisher Says:

    This reply isn’t from Furman Bisher and he is not aware that I am writing you back. This reply is from his blog editor, 50 years FB’s junior (Gee, let me guess, YOU’RE OLDER THAN ME??? If not, hold your breath – clock’s not stopping on your next birthday, buddy) Think a few decades from now, anyone you’ve never even heard of will be able to list 2 interesting things you did in your life? All I can say is God help you when you get truly old – if you live to be that lucky. Ever hear of karma? Respecting people who have been around a lot longer than you have is a good place to start.

    If you don’t like his comments, fair enough – say so! If you have issues with someone who is older than you, and has gotten a helluva lot more recognition writing for a living than you ever will, go get counseling…..and please, keep it offline?

  2. graneyandthepig Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write to my blog,


    It’s very rare that I would respond personally and directly to a reader comment, however you have compelled me to do so.

    Certainly, I have no personal animosity towards Mr. Bisher. I wish him nothing but continued health, happiness and an even longer life. He has accomplished much in his long and storied career. Unfortunately, NOT DYING is not an accomplishment.

    I am not unfamiliar with Mr. Bisher’s work. As a child growing up in the ’70s, I remember reading his weekly column in The Sporting News.
    As I recall, Furman Bisher didn’t write about the REALLY important issues of his time like “Why was SEC football still segregated until late into the 1960’s?” While truly great writers like Jim Murray were writing about injustice and race and other important issues, and working to change society for the better, Furman Bisher regularly cranked out columns perpetuating a 19th century mentality that supported the “traditional” point of view. Hell, even on his blog TODAY, Mr. Bisher’s views on topics like amateur athletics are medievil.

    We are all a product of our environment. Mr. Bisher grew up in the segregated South almost a century ago. He attended a segregated college in the 1930’s and idolized people like Bobby Jones who played golf at segregated country clubs. Naturally, I wouldn’t expect his views on race to be particularly enlightened.

    The only reason I even mentioned Mr. Bisher were the racist “Ah, so!” comments he wrote on his blog. I’m not the only blogger who called him out on that phrase. Nor is it the first time he has had these issues. Mr. Bisher got in trouble for using the phrase “Oriental” late in his AJC careeer.


    Perhaps I’m judging him unfairly, but, as far as I know, Furman Bisher never did a thing to end the apartheid-like conditions of the Jim Crow South. The next time you want to talk about “karma” you might want to consider that.

    Forgive my ignorance, but did Furman Bisher ever write about George Wallace and Alabama football? HBO has a spectacular program on this month that addresses that topic. Instead, he was forver sticking up for the “traditional” point of view.

    Furman Bisher was the lead sports columnist for the Atlanta journal-Constitution for the better part of SEVEN decades. Sorry, but he’s just one more reason Atlanta is one of the most overrated cities in the nation.


    Mike Responts

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