The woman with the world's largest boobs Sheyla Hershey, whose breasts are size 38KKK. (11)







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  1. lani Says:

    i think that you are a whore and need help …. why would u do this to your body ////////////////do men realy find the sexy …….no no …………………u are a hoe

  2. bobby Says:

    god bless america!!! and pay no attention to this other fool. he sounds like maggott from the dirty dozen

  3. graham Says:

    OMG, those things will break her back? I thought this Japanese girl Miyabi Isshiki was big until I saw Sheyla.
    I guess everything is bigger in Texas!

  4. disgusted Says:

    disgusting freak

  5. Grossed Out Says:

    This is most disgusting thing I have ever seen.
    Why would any man ever desire this?
    The only thing I think when I see these pictures is WHORE.

  6. tony Says:

    wish her top less they are so nice

  7. Wicked bitch Says:

    This has to fall in the compensating for something category. This can not be healthy. I found out about in that show The Doctors–the hot young doctor on there said this was NOT attractive–lol!

  8. i like it Says:

    i dont get why everyone says their horrible and that shes a whore. i think that they look nice and yes… men really do like this kind of thing.

  9. Awesome Says:

    She is gorgeous and I would love to spend a day with her. Good for her doing what she wants, as well as giving us a beauty to look at.

  10. Pranav Says:

    Eeeeooooooo.That’s the biggest breast i had ever seen.I would like to meet her.

  11. Blingo Says:

    She’s cute and if they make her happy then what’s all the fuss about? It’s just her body after all, it’s not who she really is. It is funny that us guys get excited about bags of saline…but that’s just the way it is.

  12. norman Says:

    damm thiose thing are huge plz leave the top off next time

  13. a_perverse_twist Says:

    The whole point is to be happy, do you like the size of your boobs? That’s all that matters. I’m guessing the folks leaving negative comments are either jealous or simply angry that they can’t be with you.

  14. nemisis Says:

    jealousy is the only UGLY thing i see here.
    So for all those NASTY comments left by the bitter JEALOUS haters who feel they have a divine right to say so many vile things, all because there is a women who has taken control of here own body and not been yet another sheep needing to conform to the social norm…good for her!
    haters>>>>get a life!
    Her body HER choice…simple! …she looks awesome!.. what a beautiful smile 🙂 the size of her chest is of no consequence. how small minded you are to attempt to define a women simply by the size of her breasts!.. big boobs = whore?… na, i think you jealous people are more than a little misguided, and obviously inadequate and unhappy with your own appearance that you need to tear someone else down to make yourself feel like a valued human being!
    did it ever occur to you…..’if you don’t like it don’t look..’
    or even better… ‘if you have nothing nice to say.. say nothing at all!

    radical idea i know…. but really.. your childish name calling only makes you look foolish.. so do yourself and everyone else a favour and button that gapping hole in the front of your face!

  15. dude 77 Says:

    Thank u god their beautiful when is she Maken a porno I want it

  16. Michael Says:

    Every-one that goes against this women having big boobs and mother f***ers. She is sexy in the face. Sexy in the cheast. What else do you want. Little ones the size of an ant. Open your eyes. Her size is perfect.

  17. idiot Says:

    if anyone has heard of her she is a BTICH! she thinks she’s famous of her personality and the tits have nothing to do with her. shes a fucking retard and sucks! the face is ok but she sucks!

  18. bard Says:

    its a pity thats not brains!!!! i bet she wish it was!!

  19. jhjh Says:

    i will fuck u hard

  20. chasbo Says:

    Did someone sew an ass to her chest???

  21. whatttttt is going on Says:

    can she even find herself under that mass of facade? ummmmhmmm fake sure is attractive

  22. and... Says:

    who is the “doctor” who performed this? do our doctors have any clue or health standards? people performing these procedures should NOT be in the category of medical professional, or anything to do with medicine.

  23. Dumbass Says:

    Y’all are fuckin dumb ass mother fuckers who are insulting her she is hot as fuck and those of you saying she is a whore your just a faggot bitch

  24. Reaching For The Eye Bleach Says:

    can she even see her feet…..probably not and i think this is unhealthy cand i can understand a little work but seriously for real you need breast that big……i dont thik so

  25. poetryman69 Says:

    waste of cute face!

  26. Irishlad Says:

    I love you

  27. love this Says:


  28. Lazer Says:

    can you show your boobs

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  30. ratson Says:

    awesome i`ve never seen this before in my life dude!

  31. Daniel Cunningham Says:


  32. don Says:

    any websites where shes topless

  33. Ben Says:

    Your vary cute don’t listen to the jealous girls with no chest

  34. Jak Says:


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