T.O. K.O.’D



The Dallas Cowboys have released controversial wide receiver Terrell Owens. This is now the third NFL club that has given up on the talented but troubled Owens. The 35-year-old still had a relatively productive season in 2008 with 69 catches for 1052 yards and 10 touchdowns. Nonetheless, the Cowboys were willing to take a near $10 million cap hit to rid themselves of the cancerous T.O.

Despite T.O.’s past failures, there is no shortage of teams rumored to be interested in the egomaniacal wideout. Those include Minnesota and Atlanta at the very least. There are also T.O. rumors surrounding the Ravens and Jets. And there’s always the Raiders. Teams that are NOT interested include those most familiar with Owens. Every team in Dallas’ division has already taken a pass. The New York Giants reportedly wouldn’t sign Owens “even if Plaxico Burress goes to jail.” The Washington Redskins are seemingly in on every other NFL free agent but made a point of  telling ESPN’s Chris Mortensen they have no interest in Owens. Of course, Owens burned every bridge leading into and out of Philadelphia long ago.

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One Response to “T.O. K.O.’D”

  1. Sassy Says:

    Wow thats sad such a awesome player for Dallas and they wont stand by him..Im not a big fan of Dallas but i LOVED WATCHING TO.. take em Vikings and you will be the next NFL Superbowl and TO just be a bit more HUMBLE you the MAN! Greatness doesn’t have to be loud. hugs sassy

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