The Miss U.S.A. beauty pageant suddenly finds itself surrounded by controversy. I’m going to assume this is the first time one of the contest’s judges ever publicly called a contestant a “dumb bitch.”

The fracas started last night when celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton asked Miss California a question about gay marriage. Here was her answer:


“Well I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one way or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.” 

“You know what, in my country, in my family, I do believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offence to anybody out there.

“But that’s how I was raised and I believe that it should be between a man and a woman. Thank you.”


Hilton judged that answer to be inadequate and called it, “The worst answer in pageant history.” All of which wouldn’t matter except that Hilton was an actual judge in the pageant. He docked Miss California for her answer. Perez’s decision ended up costing Carie Prejean dearly. She finished second to Miss North Carolina in the Miss U.S.A. contest. Her answer on gay marriage cost her the title. Fox News is outraged. So are other bloggers and media outlets. The controversy has been a big topic on talk radio today.

Hilton was a guest “celebrity” judge who was invited by the pageant. The pageant was held at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.




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  1. David James Says:

    Lovely girl. It would be nice if senior British Member of Parliament Alan Duncan and his Party leader apologised for the murder threat Alan Duncan made on BBC Tv primetime to Miss California over her expressing her views. The Party Leader David Cameron and Alan Duncan have refused to apologise fully and officially and think it is all very funny. They are with Perez Hilton all the way and leading Gay Pride in London this year. According to the opinion polls David Cameron is on course to be British Prime Minister and Alan Duncan home Secretary (merely in charge of what is the British equivalent of The CIA and FBI). It would be nice if these lawmakers said SORRY we do not really want to murder you. London Mayor is furious with Alan Duncan and David Cameron as London has spent $40 billion on The Olympics and Special Olympics in 2012 and carrie Prejean Miss California was going to come to London to heavily promote the Special Olympics in a few weeks time. For politicians SORRY is a hard word to say. The UK Ambassador in Washington has been contacted by The Washington times but he is hiding away from saying Sorry until his political bosses tell him he can.

    The girl needs every smile and hug she can get.

  2. rick Says:

    i thought she was great. i am sure she had some idea what the non-pc response was going to be for her comment but she did it anyway and stood up for charachter instead of bowing to the wishes of the vocal gay minority. i think everyone is surprised at how violent those reactions were. there’s an old saying that when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs the one that barks is the one that got hit. she threw a stone and now the dogs are barking. kudos!

  3. Duane Says:

    the only true the true dumb bitch here is Perez Hilton. Hilton used a loaded question with a clearly Homosexual agenda in the pagent proves that he is the dumb bitch!

  4. Rose Says:

    Hilton wanted to use the pageant to make political points – something which should never have been allowed. Now that the hounds of hell (the media) have been unleashed in order to Palin-ize this girl, the pageant will never be the same.

  5. Konstantin Says:

    Agree with you guys, Mario (perez) is a tricky homo.
    He carefuly chose the situation where lots of people were watching the show… so as always, to impose a perversion on masses.

  6. Robert Says:

    Way to go… finally someone stands up in the spotlight of the world and says something they believe in. Now, because “some” don’t, we are suppose to feel ashamed of her answer???

    PLEASE!!! Everyone has their own oppions… now they trying to bash her for it!!

  7. Paul Benold Says:

    My comment won’t go anywhere because the blame for this situation lays with the people with the power. Why were the questions to be asked not approved before hand to avoid this explotation of the pagent.
    After what has happened with Manchester in San Diego what choice does Trump have if he sides with free speech and backs Prejean up and risks the Ire of the Organized Gay Community.
    Prejean’s own high school board is scared to honor her accomplishment
    for fear of being drug into the gay marraige issue. Why didn’t Ryan Secrest not ask Adam Lambert his views or sexual orintation??? Apparantly Simon Cowell runs a tighter ship than Trump.
    Trump should be fired!!!

  8. Thought Control Says:

    Good for her!

  9. judi Says:

    We thought we lived in a free country with free speech. He asked what she thought, not what he thinks is socially acceptable. These liberal thinkers are so narrow minded and shallow. I think that soon the silent majority will have to take some action to get this great globe rolling properly again. Great job Carrie! Very eloquently said!

  10. mike litoris Says:

    she is SMOKING HOT and who would want to be with a man when there are women like this out there!!!

    • songya Says:

      AMEN to that Mike!!! I’m a 100% straight makeup/hair artist, and I absolutely LOVE going to work everyday and being with all the fine women that I’m around.

  11. Rock Says:

    What a nice,beautiful girl is Carrie.I wish her well.Perez Hilton is hateful.

  12. Steven Says:

    Hooray for hypocrisy! EVERYONE must be tolerant of alternate opinions OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!…unless you’re gay… or a Democrat…or someone that finds a particular viewpoint inconvenient. Whine whine whine, bitch bitch bitch get the #@$% over it Perez and yourself while you’re at it.

  13. Melissa Hettick Says:

    Her beauty is astounding, that is obvious. But wow I think she was very brave, very honest, very polite & very respectful. What more could you ask for a representative of this state!? and the USA!
    It’s a shame that Perez was allowed to set her up like that in the first place.

    I hate the whole “Freedom of speech, -UNLESS you Disagree with me!” Crap! It’s not OK. sigh. such a double standard, that’s for sure. Be Conservative or Liberal, should see that!

  14. Human Says:

    Perhaps it’s a new day in American free speech ethics. Some Americans are appalled by the rancorous invectives launched against a beauty queen contestant who found herself caught in the crosshairs of an opportunistic gay bigot. Perhaps it is not so politically incorrect to be morally correct especially when moral correctness is the greater virtue. We don’t demean Tyra Banks or other Victoria’s Secrets models for their lingerie poses which are openly featured on advertisements and mailers. Since there is such open acceptance of these types of displays (for Victoria Secrets et al) it is no wonder that models are inclined to participate in these venues. So, if there is hypocrisy in Carrie Prejeans’ participation then perhaps it is time for all of moral America to re-assess its acceptance of this type of lingerie modeling and tell Victoria’s Secrets, Abercrombie & Fitch, and a host of other fashionably inclined stores to tone down the “eye candy” exposure. Miss Prejean,your stance is most honorable.

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