Marjorie Orbin


The murder trial of a former Las Vegas stripper will continue outside of Phoenix after all. Marjorie Orbin is accused of first-degree murder, fraud and theft in the death of her husband, a 45-year-old art dealer.

Orbin allegedly killed her husband and cut him up in pieces with an electric jigsaw. She then apparently disposed of his body in the Arizona desert. Only a piece of Mr. Orbin;s torso and part of one rib was ever found.

Marjorie Orbin’s prosecution has been hindered by a series of legal snafus and blunders by Maricopa County authorities.





  1. sherri Says:

    I worked with her in the 80ls

  2. Cheryl Says:

    I just watched the show on Hardcover Mysteries about Marjorie Orbin. I wonder if anyone tried to find out how she was able to move the body by herself. Also, what was her reason for having painted the garage floor? When was it painted? Who purchased the paint? I feel that she was railroaded. I believe that boyfriend had a lot more to do with the crime than he says. Her past may be immoral to most people but that doesn’t mean she is capable of cutting up a body and moving it by herself.

  3. Cassaundra Says:

    I personally believe Marjorie is innocent.

    My friends and i started a group about a week ago regarding the case. Whether you beleive in her guilt or innocence everyone is welcome!

    Sherri- If you worked with her your insight would be great to have at the group. To tell us your experiences with her, what she was like etc

    Cheryl- I agree!

  4. Dave Fairburn Says:

    Having watched the “48 Hours” presentation of this case, I don’t think Marjorie Orbin had the best lawyers for her defense. Moving a dead man & figuring his weight was about 200 lbs would be quite a task for one person let alone a female. Just cutting up a human is something. Where did the blood flow? I think Weinstein did it, then threatened her by saying he would kill the child. Was the defense aware of the plea agreement the DA made with Weinstein? I do think there is enough get the case appealed to a higher state court & reversed. I also think the police wanted to get the case closed, maybe pressure from the victim’s family or themselves.

  5. Bob an old boyfriend. Says:

    I met Margie at the Dollhouse in Pompano Beach Florida, in 1986. She was a stripper there and had a great fun personality. We became friends, then more than friends, she moved into my house. I bought her a new Corvette, and asked her to stop stripping. She did.

    She had just gotten married 3 months before to a guy named Joe, a tile installer, and I was an Architect. She left him and our life together started. I didn’t think of it at the time but I told her if she moved in with me she could quit work and just take care of herself. We were together for a year, she wanted me to marry her, I knew of the many marriages and said no.

    No big deal for her she actually had me help her move into another guys house in Coral Springs
    his name was Bob also, and they got married soon after, she came back a year or so later and told me he was a phony , all his Ferrari’s were up for repo, and he was broke.

    I had a fun year with her, she’s a great cook, a wild lover, and a very talented person.
    We spent 2 weeks in California in 1987 and had a ball. We went from San Diego to San Francisco and the wine country. She is very sexy and intellegent lady.

    I know one thing , she didn’t murder anyone. She was framed. I know Margie, she is not a murderer. I haven’t seen her since 1990, just the 48 hours video. She’s a bad girl, when it comes to guys, and we all know that. I will never believe she killed anyone.

    Cassandra you are right, she shouldn’t be serving life, she isn’t totally innocent but, she didn’t kill Jay.

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