Today’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the Chicago Tribune claim that there is a possibility that Brett Favre may be the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings THIS season.

Favre and his agent, Bus Cook, apparently negotiated the legendary qb’s official release from the New York Jets over the weekend. The Chicago Tribune asks the simple question, “If Favre is really retired, why did he obtain his release from the Jets?”

As usual, Favre himself didn’t do much to dispel the latest round of rumors. In fact, he probably added to them. When contacted for this latest “Is-he-REALLY-retired?” story, Favre said “nothing has changed” and he is still retired. Favre also said he has “no intention” of returning to professional football. However, Favre did have a MAJOR caveat. He added the words “at this time” to his denial. This led the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to speculate that Favre has been plotting a possible comeback with the Minnesota Vikings all along. The paper also indicates that the Vikings may have drafted playmaking receiver Percy Harvin out of Florida as an inducement to lure Favre out of retirement.

One other interesting note: if favre WERE to come back there is nothing the Green Bay Packers could do to stop him from playing for their in-division rivals this time. It was widely reported that the Vikings were Favre’s first choice when he left the Packers last year. Green Bay blocked that move.

Although highly speculative, the Favre piece was the most-read story on the Chicago Tribune website.

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