According to, the appearance of Bowl Championship Series coordinator John Swofford and Alamo Bowl president Derrick Fox before Congress Friday was so embarrassing they called it a “bloodbath.”

Congressmen spent the entire morning lining up and bashing the BCS, college football’s current bowl system, Swofford, and Fox like pinatas. Even the Republicans got into the act. Rep. Joe Barton of Texas led the barrage against Swofford and Fox. At one point he compared the BCS to “communism” saying there was no way to fix the current system. It must be toppled. Barton also drew laughter when he told Swofford he should simply “drop the ‘s'” from the name because the system was BS.

Top college football officials, who have always turned their noses up at the thought of politicians telling them how to run their corrupt, fatcat system, had better wake up. They were absolutely STEAMROLLED on Friday. Congressman after congressman took turns airing their particular slights against the BCS. Barton, whose Texas Longhorns were royally screwed last year, was followed by politicians from Utah and Idaho where their colleges (the University of Utah and Boise State) were snubbed by the current system costing the schools (and their states) millions of dollars. The momentum certainly seems to favor a college football playoff system. Several congressmen threatened to pass legislation forcing a playoff. President barack Obama is on record as favoring a college football playoff.

Congress also did a good job Friday of showing how vile and corrupt people like Derrick Fox are. According to his last tax return, Fox made $438,035 as head of the Alamo Bowl. That shows at least SOMEONE benefited from the current system.





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