Back in 2006, Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock had a very bitter and public parting with ESPN. Whitlock was fired by The Worldwide Leader after he bashed co-workers Mike Lupica and Scoop Jackson in an interview with the sports blog The Big Lead. Now with Foxsports.com, Whitlock still takes potshots at ESPN every chance he gets. This week he got another opportunity when Congress held hearings on “the future of journalism.

In his latest Foxsports.com column, Whitlock expresses sadness that he didn’t get a chance to testify before Congress about what’s wrong with journalism today. According to Jason Whitlock, it’s ESPN. Whitlock makes some valid points when he decries the all-too-cozy, often incestuious, relationship ESPN has with the very sports it covers. However, he does go a bit far in his characterizations about how evil ESPN is.

Whitlock calls ESPN a “dictatorship.” He also says the network is an “arrogant, reckless, destructive” monopoly. According to Whitlock, such monopolies should be seen as “threats to democracy and our way of life.”

Whitlock does have some criticism for the journalistic profession that doesn’t involve ESPN. He recently bashed SI’s Selena Roberts over her coverage of the Alex Rodriguez steroid scandal. Whitlock also contends journalists are “no more virtuous than Bernie Madoff or Rod Blagojevich.”



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