Hey, Hollywood! You’re fat, and you’re ugly too!

Actress Nia Vardalos has ripped Hollywood for its double standards regarding fat actors and fat actresses. Vardalos has been on a publicity tour promoting the fact that she recently lost 40 pounds.

Vardalos says Hollywood is “fat-ist,” explaining how she has had to do interview after interview explaining how moviegoers were supposed to believe she could ever get a hunk like John Corbett in her breakthrough movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Yet, according to Vardalos, nobody blinks an eye when there are on-screen couplings with overweight male actors and young hotties.

In an interview with CNN, Vardalos called actor Russell Crowe “fat.” She also made fun of “the visual of Seth Rogen on top of Katherine Heigl” in the movie “Knocked Up.” Vardalos added actor Alec Baldwin simply orders bigger suits and “we continue to swoon.”

Not content with calling many of Tinseltown’s leading men “fat,” Vardalos decided to brand them as ugly too. She openly scoffed at some Hollywood pairings pointing out no studio executive batted an eye when in the movie “Sideways” when Paul Giamatti hooked up with Virginia Madsen.

Vardalos told CNN she is simply fed up with the double standard.

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