Glenn Beck has done some very strange things on both his radio and television shows. That has garnered him astronomical ratings on his Fox News Channel tv show.

Friday, though, may have been the first time that Beck actually tried to kill his audience members. In a bizarre segment (featuring Ann Coulter no less) Beck pulled out some Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough and began munching it on the air. You see, the government (in the form of the FDA) has announced a recall of all Nestle cookie dough products. Naturally, any position “the government” takes, Beck is going to SCREAM the opposite.

Apparently, Beck thinks the cookie dough recall on a wholesome product like chocolate chip cookies is simply some unpatriotic government plot or conspiracy meant to undermine America. (Much like the recent government “attack” on Cheerios.)

Not only did Beck eat the cookie dough, but he encouraged his audience members to do so as well. You know, DEFY the evil government. The problem is, unlike whatever was going through Beck’s feeble mind, the Nestle recall was the result of something very real. The FDA recall is because of an E. Coli outbreak. Sixty five people in 29 states have already gotten sick from eating Nestle cookie dough. That’s not the government’s imagination. Some of those people have almost died.

According to the Center for Disease Control, up to hundreds of Americans die every year because of E. Coli. For Beck to encourage his viewers to eat potentially tainted cookie dough is literally insane.

There was one humorous part of Beck’s schtick. For years, Coulter’s critics have labeled her an “anorexic Nazi.” Although she may not be a Nazi, there’s a good chance that Coulter’s anorexic. Beck tried to get her to take a bite of cookie dough on the air. Coulter refused. Vehemently. It was probably the most uncomfortable moment of trying to make a celebrity eat something since David Letterman tried to get manorexic Ricky Martin to take a bite of a cracker with Cheez Whiz on it when he had Martha Stewart on as a guest.





  1. Kristen Says:

    For the record, he was eating Pillsbury, not Nestle, and made a point of showing how addicted he is. I actually took it as one of his self-deprecating moments.

  2. Vinnie Bartilucci Says:

    Once again, another example of people not grasping (or willingly refusing to accept) the fact that conservatives can be funny, or that they can make a joke.

    If Colbert or the folks on the Daily Show had done the very same bit, it would have been lauded as comedy gold.

    We have senses of humor – where’s yours?

  3. ra5839 Says:

    You do not have your facts straight. But what would be expected from the left.

    First of it was water and second this guy is on fox after your mother calls you out of the basement to put you to bed.

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