This story has BLOWN UP.  College sophomore Jordan Crawford of Xavier dunked on LeBron James at the NBA superstar’s own basketball camp. Crawford performed the King James Facial at the LeBron James Skills Academy on Monday.

Here’s where the conspiracy comes in. According to Chris Chase of and Yahoo! Sports, James immediately ordered the confiscation of every tape in the gym following Craword’s dunk. Apparently LeBron didn’t want video of a college sophomore dunking on him ending up on YouTube and hurting his rep.

This is not just some crazy blogger thing. The story has been picked up on by the Detroit News (Crawford’s home town), New York Times, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer among other mainstream newspapers. quotes one of the players that was there as saying “it was bad” of Crawford’s dunk on James.

Crawford is now an Internet legend even without the YouTube video. ran the perfect photo to accompany their take on the story:



As the week goes on, the story just keeps gaining momentum. Fox Sports interviewed Crawford about the dunk, which is literally now taking on mythical status.




Crawford is a 6-foot-4 guard who will be playing his first year at Xavier this upcoming season. He was a recruit at Indiana who got caught up in the Kelvin Sampson nonsense and played junior college basketball last season.

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