ESPN’s new ombudsman is a man once described as O.J. Simpson’s “best friend.”

No, it’s not Al Cowlings. Or Kato Kaelin.

Longtime television executive Don Ohlmeyer has been named the network’s new ombudsman. The former executive producer of Monday Night Football will write a monthly column on ESPN.com.

An ombudsman is a neutral party who observes and monitors media organizations. ESPN has previously employed two ombudsmen. They were George Solomon (a 20-year sports editor of the Washington Post) and veteran journalist Lee Anne Schrieber. Both were, at times, critical of The Worldwide Leader. More importantly, both had impeccable journalistic credentials.

Ohlmeyer, on the other hand, is a talentless, ass-kissing, Hollywood celebrity sycophant. He is famous for:

1.) Getting his buddy O.J. a MNF announcing gig

2.) Constantly defending a murderer to the press

3.) Getting Norm Macdonald dropped as the Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live after he dared to tell too many O.J. jokes

4.) Being the genius who came up with the idea of hiring Dennis Miller for Monday Night Football


An ombudsman is supposed to have integrity. Ohlmeyer was responsible for one of the biggest scandals and unethical firings in television history. He dropped Mcdonald simply for criticizing his buddy. This was even though Chevy Chase called Mcdonald the best Weekend Update anchor that ever worked at SNL and “the only one who got it right.”

Why in the hell would ESPN hire such an ethically-challeged stooge for the position of “watchdog?”


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