Last year Profootballtalk.com scooped the world on the story of Kellen Winslow Jr.’s testicles. The website was the first to report that Winslow’s testicles had SWOLLEN TO THE SIZE OF GRAPEFRUITS. Winslow was suffering from a condition known as “hydrocele.”

Winslow got the injury when he became the sixth member of the Cleveland Browns to contract a staph infection. Today, updated info on Winslow’s testicles:




* Warning: The rest of this article contains EXTREMELY objectionable material. It is extraordinarily sick, vile and disgusting. If you are the type of person who is easily offended or think there’s even the possibility that you might be offended you need to STOP READING. Now.


Winslow has revealed to ESPN The Magazine that his swollen testicles hurt so badly that he could barely walk at times last season. Winslow also revealed that he had to have the testicles drained to play in games.

How did Browns doctors drain the area? They cut his testicles. With a scalpel. And squeezed out the excess fluid to drain the area. Every day. For over two weeks.

The Browns apparently did such a bad job of treating the infection that Winlsow spread it to his wife. She was hospitalized and, according to the Akron Beacon Journal, “the couple worried about it affecting their ability to have children.”

The Browns are already being sued by other players over staph infections and their incompetence in treating them. The team was so embarrassed over yet another player contracting staph, that they let a local talk show spread the rumor that Winslow had a venereal disease rather than admit the truth.


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