For those of you who miss the rambling insanity of Larry King’s USA Today column, there’s good news. King has a Twitter page.

Among the recent tweets posted by Larry King:



“I love black licorice.”


“Why are objects in the rear view mirror closer than they appear?”


“Of all the muffins, corn is my favorite.”


If you’re just dying to find out Larry King’s view on muffins or anything else, his CNN/Twitter page is:   HERE

Unfortunately, there’s a report that CNN is cracking down on King’s Tweets. Apparently someone didn’t like the talk legend posting five times about his lunch with Ryan Seacrest, including who was picking up the check.

One aside, King was a degenerate gambler who was actually arrested in the 1960’s over his gambling debts. Is it really a good idea for him to post Tweets about making $100 bets over All-Star Game uniforms?



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