Accused Horse Molester


Apparently, once you’ve had a South Carolina horse, you’ll never go back.

It all started innocently enough. A South Carolina woman noticed her 21-year-old horse, Sugar, was “acting strangely.” The horse had also developed infections. They were the exact same type of  infections that Sugar had last year after a local man named Rodell Vereen was convicted of having sex with the horse.

The horse’s owner then noticed bales of hay stacked up in front of Sugar’s stall. After becoming suspicious, she set up a video camera to record Sugar’s stall. Sure enough, the video tape caught Vereen with his pants down. Literally. Vereen was caught on tape having sex with sugar. The owner waited another night and this time caught Vereen IN THE ACT, having sex with her horse.

The woman pulled out a shotgun and marched Vereen to the local police who charged him wiyh “buggery.” Vereen was already on probation and was a registered sex offender for his previous horse molesting incident. He faces up to five years in prison.

Vereen was busted for horse sex the first time last year on Thanksgiving day after he was found asleep in Sugar’s stall with a mound of dirt and a stool piled up behind the animal.




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