Kevin Provencher, a sports writer for the Union Leader newspaper in Manchester, NH, has been accused of running a prostitution ring.

Yesterday we found out  that 4-time New Hampshire Sportswriter of the Year, Kevin Provencher, was arrested for “deriving income from prostitution.” Today, Provencher’s own newspaper has the explicit details.

It turns out Provencher was running an interstate Massachusetts/New Hampshire prostitution ring via Craigslist.

The good news: The sportswriter had a “crew” of five girls working for him.

The bad news: At least three of those girls have agreed to testify against Provencher.

Provencher was labeled by police as the prostitution ring’s “mastermind,” booking girls for clients in first New Hampshire then Massachussets. The sportswriter apparently made so much money that he became an INTERNATIONAL pimp of mystery, also running girls out of Canada according to authorities. Things began to go south for Provencher when his prostitutes started whining about the long drive back and forth between Massachussetts and New Hampshire (Pimpin’ tip # 65: always pay your girls mileage.)

Provencher allegedly also “auditioned” his ho’s by having sexual intercourse with them and making them pose for him in hotel rooms wearing black lingerie.

Mega props to the website Cantstopthebleeding.com for coming up with the timely pop culture reference of the year. They titled their piece on the Provencher fiasco, “Tanya Skagle Is No Longer The Worst Pimp In The World.” Awesome! For those of you who missed the reference, “Tanya” is the pimp on this year’s HBO show “Hung.” The show has only aired three times so kudos to Can’t Stop the Bleeding for pulling out the headline. On last week’s episode, the show’s main character called Tanya, “The worst pimp in the world!”

You’d think that Provencher might have been more careful since the Craigslist Killer picked his victims off the same site in the same cities where he and his girls were soliciting. Do you think law enforcement may have been watching the Boston/New Hampshire Craigslist hooker ads? After all, the killings were in all the papers. Even Provencer’s.

Apparently, even sportwriters don’t read the paper anymore.




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