The website posted a series of embarrassing photos of Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton today. Hamilton is a recovering addict and alcoholic. The pictures show a shirtless Hamilton in an Arizona bar with a variety of young women in various forms of undress doing shots off Hamilton while licking whipped cream off his body.

Hamilton conducted a presser before today’s Rangers game to address the photographs. He says he “slipped up” in his recovery this January and admits to being “human.” Hamilton is one of the most popular players in baseball. His story of overcoming addiction and finding religion has been well documented.

Once again, the website Can’t Stop the Bleeding has the top headline on the subject. Their take?

“Last January, Josh Hamilton picked the wrong week to quit heroin whipped cream”

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  1. Larry Says:

    It is one thing to have “slipped up”, after all, he has made a terrific comeback from his addiction and made a positive impact on Major League Baseball.

    However, I have seen his story and the sacrifices his wife has made to stand by his side. I don’t believe he used very good judgement with the sexual nature he diplayed at this bar and I feel sorry for his wife having to endure another set of these circumstances.

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