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The NCAA  is an incompetent, autocratic, and evil organization. They often issue arbitrary, mind-boggling edicts that defy common sense.

However, for the first time in history, the governing body of college sports appears to have been shamed into doing the right thing. All it took was underwear.

The Clemson underwear case has received a ton of attention, particularly in college sports markets. For the uninformed, the NCAA actually hit the Clemson football program with sanctions and penalties for using non-complying undergarments during football practice. The ACC actually was forced to cite Clemson for wearing “improper attire” at their practices. The reason? Apparently the amount of padding in the Clemson undergarments exceeded NCAA regulations. The NCAA formally sanctioned Clemson over the “incident” and ordered the program to be penalized two practices.

The story was first reported by and has been alternately referred to as “The Clemson Underwear Case” and “Girdle Gate.” The story has completely blown up, since it seems to crystalize people’s feelings about just how stupid and arbitrary NCAA sanctions are.

For instance, Clemson has been hammered over underwear but NOTHING happened to them when one one of their recruits posed on his MySpace page literally holding bags of money:




Even chatrooms from rival college teams have blasted the NCAA over their stupidity in this case.

The sanctions were so shameful and idiotic that the NCAA has actually backed down. On Monday, the NCAA actually lifted their penalties against Clemson.

The “Clemson Underwear Case” is apparently over.


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