Pitcher Erik Bedard’s season, and likely his career, is over for the Seattle Mariners.

Good riddance.

Bedard is scheduled to undergo “minor” exploratory surgery on his shoulder. It’s being called “exploratory” surgery because numerous doctors have examined Bedard’s shoulder and none of them have found anything wrong with it. Keep in mind, this is the same Erik Bedard who didn’t pitch after July 4th last season because he had a cyst removed from his shoulder.

If you were to poll them, 99% of Seattle fans believe Bedard simply quit on his team two years in a row and there isn’t anything wrong with him physically.

It’s hard to be a hated sports figure in Seattle. Northwest fans just don’t have it in their sports DNA to hate anyone. Seattle is not Philadelphia.

Unless you’re Clay Bennett, and you stole an entire team away and moved it, you’re pretty much getting off the hook with Seattle fans. Sure, there was the whole bitter Alex Rodriguez departure, but just like Ken Griffey Jr., chances are Seattle Mariners fans would welcome A-Rod back for a victory lap if he ever decided to end his career in the Emerald City.

Nevertheless, Seattle fans HATE Erik Bedard. Even the Seattle Times let a comment run referring to Bedard as “a 99-pitch pussy.” That remark was printed not on some blog, or the defunct newspaper. It didn’t appear in the school newspaper or Dan Savage’s alternative weekly but THE newspaper in Seattle. It refers to Bedard’s refusal to throw over 100 pitches in any start in order to protect his arm. No other Major League pitcher puts his manager and pitching coach under such constraints.

Former Mariners All-Star Harold Reynolds is now an analyst for the Major League Baseball Network. He once tried to explain the Bedard situation to fellow broadcaster Al Leiter on set. A befuddled Leiter stared in disbelief  as Reynolds talked not only about Bedard’s inability to throw 100 pitches, but also his refusal to talk to the Seattle media last year. Leiter pointed out that Bedard wouldn’t last five minutes in New York. Leiter, you’ll recall, had to face the New York media and the tabloids EVERY DAY. He is from New York and remembers when fellow pitcher David Cone of the Mets was falsely sued and accused of masturbating in the Mets bullpen in a frivolous lawsuit. Those allegations, though completely false, were famously aired in the New York Times as well as the tabloids. Cone overcame it all to become a Cy Young Award winning pitcher.

Meanwhile, Bedard is such a coward he can’t deal with the beat reporter from the Everett Herald.

Bedard managed to pitch in only 30 games with the Mariners over two seasons. He averaged just  5 1/2 wins per year in Seattle. Worse, the Mariners and idiot former GM Bill Bavasi mortgaged their entire future to get Bedard. The M’s gave up two players who became All-Stars (Adam Jones and George Sherrill) as well as their top pitching prospect, Chris Tillman, and two other minor leaguers to acquire Bedard from the Baltimore Orioles. Bavasi thought the Bedard trade would put the Mariners over the top and allow them to win the AL West in 2008. Instead, the Mariners became the first team in history to lose over 100 games with a payroll over $100 million. Bedard became the poster boy for the M’s 101 loss season. Bavasi actually made it a point to rip Bedard on his way out the door in Seattle.

Bedard’s season-ending injury is being described as a “frayed labrum.” He underwent an MRI. no injury was found. “Frayed labia” is more like it. Or “frayed ego.”

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  1. z Says:

    you and those of your ilk owe bedard a huge apology.

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