Despite a sex-change operation, Renee Richards was allowed to play on the women's circuit. (Getty Images)


It turns out the sports world’s first ever transgender professional athlete is a giant hypocrite.

Tennis player Richard Raskin stunned the sports world in the 1970’s when he underwent a sex change operation and decided to compete on the WOMENS professional tennis tour. The newly christened Renee Richards went to court in New York and sued for the right to play tennis as a woman. She won.

Now, some 32 years later, Richards has done an interview with Gregg Doyel of where she says female track star Caster Semenya should be barred from international competition because she “is too mannish.”

That’s some serious hypocrisy. Worse, Richards is actually a doctor. Her contention is if Semenya was “fueled by” abnormally high levels of testosterone (even if she was born with them) this gives her an unfair advantage over other female runners:


“You’re going to develop a skeleton and a muscle mass and a type of muscle that is different from that of a normal woman.”


Geeze, kind of like if she was BORN A MAN.

Nevertheless, Richards concludes that Semenya should be banned.

Renee Richards may not have been much of a tennis player, but this puts her in the Hall of Fame of hypocrisy.

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