Fanhouse has a piece today calling out M1 fighter Toni Valtonen for his white supremicist tattoos. Valtonen, an MMA fighter from Finland, has the phrase “White Power” tattooed across his back:



Valtonen also has multiple swastika tats and the phrase “Born To Hate” tattooed on his stomach.

Following the Fanhouse piece, M1 put out a statement saying they force Valtonen to cover his offensive tattoes during all of his fights. The swastika was exposed when one of Valtonen’s patches came off during a fight.

Valtonen also put out a statement saying he had a “crazy and rebellious youth.” He also stated on the record, “I regret that I ever had these tattooes made.”






  1. Melvin Says:

    the tats are art and is what ever the man wants is ok it is part of FREEDOM

  2. AmericanGuy Says:

    How about UFC fighter Cain Velasquez’ tattoo?

    In large letters across his chest is written: BROWN PRIDE

    It seems that, once again, any issue regarding race is always ONE-sided.

  3. Rich Nicholas Says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a white man having white pride.
    There is nothing wrong with displaying it. No one complains when a black man displays black pride in many forms. This is a two way street isnt it? I know many dont want it that way. Many want the white man to somehow just go away. Lets just examine the hypocrisy behind those complaining about this guys tat’s and his heritage.
    Richard.. a white guy

  4. Neydine Pille Says:

    I am aabsolutely furious that this ignorant AND stupid person would be allowed to become a celebrity. Some of you people should read about World War II history. People just like you and me, murdered along with children for no reason. A “part of freedom” has nothing to do with this immoral, irrational action.
    I am not against tatoos but I am against hate bigotry and ignorance.

  5. Neydine Pille Says:

    Ignorance again concerning Brown Pride! or any kind of racial pride except “people” pride. Stpidity to the utmost.

  6. T.J. Says:

    So what whats wrong with being proud of your heritage?

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  8. viking Says:

    over 60% of prison population is non aryan descent and it costs 0ver 30k a year to house them in prison! when hospitals,fireman,police officers are hired to fill a quota not because they were the best for the job or scored highest on thier entrance but rather they were alright and black or spanish. i want the best man for the job saving my life not the second string. Skinz

    • Matthew Free Says:

      prisons are constantly being feeled with us, (whites)… do to the math epadimic. we need to bring our younger brothers and sister awarness up on this matter, meth along with other issues such as the way society makes most whites think it’s not ok to love your own kind is destroying us, this country, and will sooner or later destroy this world!! i am proud to be white and it bothers me to see the way this world is going, i was once blind too. but it is now my goal to spread the truth, not sending a message of hate, for how can i hate? i can only hate what goes against what i love!! i choose to send a message of love of ones own kind, preserve the white aryan race and secure our existance!!! set positive examples for our younger brothers and sisters!!! i love you all, W/P

  9. fred the celtic design Says:

    While at one time tattoos were more popular with men, lately tattoos have becoming increasingly popular with girls as well.

  10. Agamemnon Says:

    Nikko Puhakka must have (entirely coincidentally, your Lordships) spent his youth in the same crazy and rebellious part of Finland…

  11. NZBOOTBOY88 Says:

    he can show whatever he wants. is it wrong to have a swastika tattoo? naydine or whoever you are your a zionist. you say to look into WWII. iv studied it. also the swastika is a symbol used in ancient norse times. you have no idea. get a life. WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE
    “Its not illegal to be white…..yet” fuckin zionists rot in hell

    • dex Says:

      I would love to meet and stomp the shit out of you. Its your ilk that fuck up this country. How do nazi symbols promote white pride? Really? If the nazi’s won you wouldn’t be here you stupid slob. The swastika is an ancient Chinese symbol ya dumb fuck. Learn stuff before you open your mouth and maybe you won’t look so dumb. With brains like yours the white power movement is in trouble.

  12. 23socalpeckerwood16 Says:

    Listen. All you people comenting against this mans tatoos are hipocrits. You are worse than us. I live in southern california in a city with over seven hundred thousand people, All are which of the beautiful white race, except for a ridiculously huge family of spicks. EVERY
    single one of us have white power tatoos and every single one of us are ready for war. Born and bread for hate! Every one that doesnt like it stay out of it. We didnt ask if you liked the tatoos anyway. They arent for you they are for us.

    • Matthew Free Says:

      it must be nice to live in a town of almost all whites, i live in mobile al. were it’s not at all the case. and the most of the whites here are so fucking blind, i love my people and hate only what goes against what i love!! i try to do my small part but its hard to do so when society has brain washed sooo many… 14/88

  13. southerncaliskinhead1488 Says:

    You are right peckerwood. I know the town youre from its called oildale right?? I met alot of you guys in prison: corcoran, wasco state, san quentin, you guys are every where filling the yard with soldiers. Dont let these mother fuckers test your white power. Do like you do in the system, when these pigs pop off about some guy with hate tats, just sit back and strike when necesarry. Only when you strike give it all you got!!!!!! White power

  14. Jeremiah Says:

    There is nothing wrong with being proud of your race. It pisses me off that all other races can bare there pride of there race on there body but if a white man does it we are pointed out as a hate group or raciest. We should be able to be just as proud as every other race and bare it on our bodies. How many mexicans or blacks have had to apologise for haveing black pride or brown pride on there bodies. Think about it.

  15. hatchet Says:

    This is in response to that fucking retard DEX. China may have used the swastika but so did the Egyptians and the American Indians. But the Norse swastika predates them all. It stood for Eiwaz (defence). For even more than we are doers, we are deciders. And once the decision is clear, the doing becomes effortless. It also represented the yew tree from witch the bow of the spiritual warrior was made to help guide one so the obstacles in their path could become their gateway to a new life. So suck on that DEX!

  16. brownpridebitch u got a problem Says:

    wtf? who gives a fuck whats on his skin.cain valesquez has brown pride becuase hes mexican and isnt afraid to rep like this fool with the swastikas and shit.and people get mad/or make a big deal cuz honestly no ofense white friends but whites are more on the racist side.and why the fuck should we care whats on other peoples skin. the only reason we should care if it afects a person in a bad way. aint nothin wrong with reping your race ight bitch you see im mexican and proud “only god can judge me”

  17. Mario Casella Says:

    Come on! The tattoo on his back clearly says “White Pride.” Not white power. Former UFC champion Cain Valesquez has “Brown Pride” tattooed across his chest. Of course the Zionist controlled media only focuses on anti-White propaganda. For anyone that would like to learn more about Zionism go to

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