The Oakland Raiders are truly pathetic.

They tried to bar CBS announcer and former NFL qurterback Rich Gannon from their practice facilities last week. Gannon also happens to be the last qb to lead the Raiders to the Super Bowl.

The Raiders are angry at Gannon because he has been a consistent and vocal critic of the Oakland organization. Gannon suggested that the Raiders should “blow up” their organization and start over. The Raiders interpreted his comments literally and have basically accused Gannon of being a terrorist.

Raider executive John Herrera said Gannon’s comments were “uncalled for” and not appropriate “in a post 9/11 world.” Herrera literally went on to compare Gannon to a disloyal and ungrateful “dog.”

Gannon is a former Raiders hero. He signed with Oakland in 1999 and led the Raiders to three straight playoff appearances. Gannon made four Pro Bowls and was the the NFL MVP in 2002 as the Raiders quarterback. He led Oakland to Super Bowl XXXVII.

Herrera counters that Gannon “played the worst Super Bowl game in history” and “I guess it’s out fault he threw five interceptions.”

The Raiders have been accused of focusing on Gannon instead of the Denver Broncos and predictably got their asses kicked this weekend.

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