It’s not debatable that the NFL has the worst union of all the major professional sports. Here’s another example of why. The San Diego Chargers are demanding $416,666 back from former linebacker Steve Foley. Foley was involved in an altercation and shot by an off duty San Diego police officer after a drunk driving chase in 2006. The Chargers contend that Foley’s signing bonus was actually a “signing, reporting, and playing” bonus. Since Foley never played in 2006 (what, with being shot and all) the Chargers want their signing bonus money back. Retroactively.

Foley never played another down in the NFL following the shooting incident. Virtually all veteran contracts in the NBA and Major League Baseball are 100% guaranteed. Even if the player is cut, injured or DIES. Meanwhile, the NFL not only doesn’t guarantee money, they routinely go after signing bonuses that they’ve already paid players.

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