The Cleveland Browns lost again on Sunday, dropping to 0-4. However, at least they got a decent effort out of their quarterback, Derek Anderson. Anderson was replacing an ineffective Brady Quinn who had been benched by Browns coach Eric Mangini the previous week.

Quinn may now officially fall into the “bust” category. After a star-studded career at Notre Dame, Quinn was the Browns first round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. He was immediately given a $20 million contract and designated by fans and the media as a franchise quarterback. Unfortunately, Quinn has thrown all of three career touchdown passes in three seasons in Cleveland and the Browns are probably a worse football team now than when they drafted him.

Quinn has started six games in his NFL career. The Browns are 1-5 in those games. Quinn has thrown for more than 200 yards just twice (239 yards against Denver in 2008 and 205 yards against Minnesota earlier this season.) He has five interceptions to go with those three td’s and a miserable quarterback rating of 64.5.

Despite all of that failure, Quinn is a bit of an Internet legend. There are multitudes of photos showing Quinn partying throughout America. After last week, though, Quinn may have to limit his partying. He may no longer be able to show his face in public in the city of Cleveland ever again.

Fanhouse has a great story about Quinn showing up at the House of Blues in Cleveland last week. Rapper Common was on stage and, spotting him in the crowd, went on a freestyle rap about how much Quinn sucks. The story of Common dissing Quinn made the Cleveland paper as well as every Browns blog and fansite.

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