This isn’t a good sign. is reporting that attendance for the fledgling United Football League has been so horrific that remaining games are being moved to smaller stadiums. The New York Sentinels were scheduled to play their home games at Citi Field. Demand for tickets has been so low that the games have been moved to on campus at Hofstra University. Yikes!

Also, the California Redwoods drew just 6,341 fans to their home  opener. That’s prompted a move from AT&T Park to Spartan Stadium at San Jose State. The move has made Redwoods owner/investment banker Paul Pelosi look like a complete and total idiot. Just last week, Pelosi was in the Washington Post BRAGGING about spending $16 million dollars on the club. Pelosi, the Redwoods sole owner, was predicting he was going to triple his money on that $16 million investment. He is the husband of U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The Las Vegas Locomotives were supposed to play at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles next month, which is a glorified minor league soccer stadium. Ticket sales were so abysmal that the game has been moved back to Vegas. The league is trying to spin the move as a “reward” to Las Vegas for drawing a league-record 14,209 fans. However, the Las Vegas Review-Journal estimated that those attendance numbers were inflated by about 200% of the actual crowd. The Locos were just forced to drop their ticket prices to $10 a game.

You know things are bad when the UFL’s official website has a discussion thread in their chatroom entitled “Another Small Crowd.”

Tirico Suave posted a picture from the Florida Tuskers first home game at the Citrus Bowl:





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