Alcides Escobar is nondescript rookie infielder with the Milwaukee Brewers. He may or may not be the club’s starting shortstop next season depending on what happens to J.J. Hardy. Escobar is hardly a household name. He may come to crave his current anonymity.

In his native Venezuela, Escobar is becoming more and more famous. Actually, infamous may be a better choice of words. Escobar is a nationally known cad in Venezuela. That’s because of his abandonment of his wife and infant child.

Escobar was married to Leury Moreno in 2008 while he was a Brewers minor leaguer. She is the daughter of Omar Moreno, a former Major Leaguer who was the starting center fielder on the Pittsburgh Pirates 1979 World Championship team. Maybe Moreno should have warned his daughter about ballplayers. Escobar left his pregnant young bride in Panama last October while he went to play Winter Ball in Venezuela. He never came back.

Let’s face it, a baseball player seducing, impregnating and abandoning a young woman is hardly news. What makes Mrs. Escobar’s case unique is what she did about it. Leury Escobar went straight to the media. First she gave out personal details about her own troubled pregnancy and how Escobar refused to help with the medical bills. Then, Mrs. Escobar revealed lurid details about her husband’s sex life and how he dumped her for a younger woman. Who just happened to be a prostitute. To add insult to injury, (literally) Escobar phoned his wife to berate her. He told her he had hooked up with his new girlfriend because she was “too fat” since she became pregnant.

Leury Escobar’s media campaign had some effect. Escobar ended up getting suspended by his Winter League team for “personal issues.” Brewers beat writer Tom Haudricourt made a brief mention of Escobar’s fiasco of a personal life on his blog, and ESPN.com’s Keith Law even wrote a national article mentioning the infielder’s “serious personal issues.” The website Rotoworld.com even cited his estranged wife as a reason NOT to pick Escobar on your fantasy baseball team.

Still, 99.9% of baseball fans probably had no idea of Alcides Escobar’s personal problems. That’s when Leury Escobar began Phase Two of her media campaign. She has started her own blog. Not only that, but she put it on mlblogs.com. The only information on her blog is “The Truth” about what Alcides Escobar did to her.

Here’s a sample:


“He abandonded me since october 7th. He was suppose to come and spend Christmas with me and never did, he was suppose to spend New Years with me and never did either. He only called to emotionally insult me and tell me that I was fat and ugly and that he had found someone better, all this while I was pregnat with our daughter. He later told me that the only reason why he married me was to get his green card. He would constantly call and send text messages insulting me and telling me that the baby wasn’t his which he knows is a complete lie and a DNA test will be there to prove it, he would call me and put his mistress on the phone to insult me. She is a prostitute in Venezuela who has slept with almost the entire country…”


As Leury Escobar would probably say, “The truth hurts.” The blog seems to have made a difference. Her case is picking up more and more media attention. Escobar may never come back but he might be shamed into giving his wife some money. Also, Leury Escobar is granting interviews to EVERY blog, radio station and media outlet that will have her.

 Soon, Alcides Escobar may be more famous as a deadbeat dad than a baseball player.



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  1. hugo santos Says:

    at the beginning of the yr I saw something like this in a blog but thought it was a lie….after reading this story, watching the videos….. I´m wrong. Mr. Escobar needs to man-up. Omar Moreno is one of my baseball idols its good to see he was able to deal with fame and $ http://www.fanaticos.com/2009/10/28/alcides-escobar-abandoned-his-daughter-before-she-was-born/

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