Times are tough. Virtually every newspaper in the country is in trouble financially.

In response, those newspapers have cut back on costs. One of those costs is paying local writers to travel and cover major sporting events. It’s far cheaper to run wire service copy.

Much was made about a recent item where it was revealed that 29 of the 60 newspapers that have reporters covering baseball on a daily basis DIDN’T send anyone to cover the Yankees/Phillies World Series. Here would be an example why:

Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post is a legendary baseball writer and columnist. Unfortunately, Boswell was recently HAMMERED by the Post’s ombudsman, Andrew Alexander. According to Alexander, Boswell’s Sunday column on Game Four of the World Series contained “at least 20 typos, grammatical errors or misspellings.” Thomas Boswell sure can write. He apparently just can’t type accurately under severe deadline pressure.

The World Series game Boswell covered ended at midnight. He filed his story at 12:07. The paper’s deadline is 12:30. Apparently nobody edited Boswell’s piece (Hey, he’s Thomas Boswell!)

Nevertheless, the ombudsman wasn’t the only one who picked up on Boswell’s (or rather his editors) incompetence.  The sea of typos prompted one letter to the Post that said, “I’d like my 75 cents back, please.”


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