The executive director of the Bowl Championship Series told the Idaho Statesman newspaper yesterday that pressure by Congress will have no effect on whether the Boise State University football team gets invited to a BCS bowl game. BSU is currently undefeated and ranked sixth in the nation in the BCS’s own poll. Still, despite the fact that there were congressional hearings earlier this year on how to make the BCS more inclusive, Bill Hancock openly scoffed at the thought that his organization had to include Boise State in this year’s Bowl Championship Series. Hancock says that “Congress has better things to do.”

The Broncos, even at 13-0, may get shut out of the big money Bowl Championship Series games. That’s mainly because Boise State doesn’t belong to one of the six conferences with official BCS series ties that mandate a major bowl appearance. According to the Statesman, 91.3% of the BCS bowl invitations in the last five years went to teams from those six conferences. This despite the fact that those six teams represent only 55% of the schools in college football.

For the first time ever, Boise State University president Bob Kustra actually appeared to threaten the BCS. Kustra said,

“If I was in their shoes and I was watching the mounting pressure for change. I would for this year want to think about what I could do to demonstrate that we’re more interested in access and fairness than it may have appeared in the past.”

Should another smaller school appear to get screwed by the BCS yet again, Congress may indeed act and try to order a playoff system for college football. Congress has the hammer of being able to strip the NCAA and the BCS of their non-profit status. At that point, the NCAA could literally have to pay billions of dollars in taxes from their tv money. Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has also threatened the BCS with a Justice Department probe. Last season, the University of Utah was denied a chance to play for a national championship despite going undefeated. President Obama is also on record as favoring a college football playoff system.

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