Remember how Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was KILLED by the press when it was revealed that he didn’t know the NFL overtime rules?

Well, there has yet to be similar outrage over Texas quarterback Colt McCoy’s bonehead play in the Big 12 Championship Game on Saturday. His gaffe of almost letting the clock run out at the end of the game might very well have cost the Longhorns a berth in the National Championship game. Sure, McCoy is just a college kid, but holy crap! McCoy flat out admitted  on Tuesday that he didn’t know the rule on when the clock stops in college football. McCoy said he thought time stopped as soon as the ball crossed the sideline. Instead, play stops when the ball makes contact with the ground or some other object.

Meanwhile, the website, in a post entitled “Jesus Christ: Lousy At Clock Management,” ridiculed the Christian site for lauding Jesus and claiming He was was with McCoy during Saturday’s victory.

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