Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry died today. He was 26.

Henry suffered head injuries after falling out of the back of a pickup yesterday in an incident of domestic violence. 

Henry’s death was much like his life. Senseless and pointless. If you think that’s a harsh assessment, Henry’s obituary for People magazine had a quote referring to him as “a one-man crime wave.” ESPN’s writeup on Henry’s death mentioned that Rich Rodriguez, his college coach at West Virginia, once called him”an embarrassment to himself and the program.” And those were in his OBITUARIES!

Henry had been arrested numerous times in the past including for marijuana possession, gun possession and assault. He went to jail in 2007 after being convicted of providing alcohol to three underage girls, one of whom was 15 and another who accused him of sexual assault.

The saddest thing of all is that Henry leaves behind three children that he had with Loleini Tonga. Those children may now grow up with NO parent. North Carolina authorities announced they are assigning a homicide detective to the case of Henry’s death which indicates they may prosecute Tonga. She was driving the pickup that Henry fell from, injuring himself fatally. There was some speculation yesterday that Tonga may have pushed Henry out of the vehicle. Also, since the NFL has such a horrific union, Henry’s contract with the Bengals is terminated and none of his remaining salary is guaranteed since he died. The NFL won’t even provide the money to bury Henry. And, since Henry never bothered to marry the woman he fathered three children with, those kids also stand to inherit nothing from his estate.

MSNBC reported late Thursday afternoon that a neighbor of Henry’s distinctly heard the receiver yell to his fiancee from the back of his truck that if she didn’t pull over he was going to jump off and “kill himself.”

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  1. kevin Says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Whats the point of being so disrespectful of a man whose no longer alive

  2. vegas cabbie Says:

    way to be classy pig

  3. Sharon Says:

    I think Kevin should be ashamed for wanting to pretend this article wasn’t one of the most honest ones on the internet as of yet. Possibly not quite accurate regarding the supposition that Henry’s children may not inherit simply because Henry failed to marry their mother.

    But accurate regarding the emotional facts. You could sum Henry’s life up like this: he lived like a child and died like a child. His temper tantrum and “I’ll show you attitude” killed him, not his fiance. I’m sure the police are not idiots and within a couple of days the case will be closed.

  4. mrogi Says:

    Chris Henry was pretty like a woman. No homo, but in drag he wudda been a hot chick.

  5. kevin Says:

    I’ve heard of kicking someone when they’re down, but not of kicking someone when they’re dead. No one is defending Chris Henry. Eventhough he was in NC for the purpose of planning his wedding. So calling him a deadbeat for not marrying the mother of his children doesnt make a lot of sense. The guy was trying. He did screw up a lot, but now he’s dead. I don’t really see the point. maybe Ill say it another way. This article is bullshi*.


  6. mrogi Says:

    The Pig continues to live up to his nickname. Responts is a bitter morbidly obese individual who delights in the misery of others. That is precisely why we adored him ever since his heyday on SportsFan Radio.

  7. clay Says:

    Whoa – hold up, wait a minute. Kevin, Chris Henry was trying to do better? Imagine again, the way Henry died. Left for dead in the street. While his demise is tragic, I think we can all piece together this puzzle: Chris was likely violent and out of control with the mother of his 3 children, she tried to leave, he jumped in the back of the truck, acting crazy. She was running for her life because Chris was wouldn’t let her go. Kevin, we’re all entitled to our opinion, but Chris Henry was NEVER trying to do better. All of his actions are really a pattern of behavior due to his inability to NEVER learn from any of the second, third, 5th chances. We all make mistakes, but this guy was not admirable. And I respected his play on the field, but His death didn’t surprise me, not one bit.

  8. angela Says:

    No, Clay – you hold up and wait a minute. You obviously didn’t know Chris. I have known Chris since He was in high school in Belle Chasse, La and he was a good person with a kind heart. He loved and played hard. You can speculate all you want as to what happend that night, but you don’t know – you wer NOT there. How DARE you say that Chris never tried to do better. Chris was a loving young man with a bright future aho will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

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