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Colonel Robert Howard, who received more decorations than any soldier in U.S. history, died of cancer Wednesday. He was 70. Among the military awards received by Howard were the Medal of Honor, eight purple hearts, four Bronze Stars, and two Dinstinguished Service Crosses.

Howard served five tours of duty in Vietnam. He was wounded in battle 14 times in one four-and-a-half-year stretch. Although you are only allowed to win the award once, Howard was nominated for the Medal of Honor on three seperate occassions “for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty” while he was a Green Beret.

Howard originally enlisted in the Army in 1956. He retired as a full colonel in 2006 after 50 years of service. Howard had visited troops in Iraq an Afghanistan as recently as this past April.

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  1. shoreke Says:

    HOWARD was only a colonel after 50 years of outstanding service? What da hell does a guy have to do to make it to General in the US Military?

  2. Mike Redd Says:


  3. urdead2me Says:

    RIP – Robert L. Howard, 70, was never given a ticker tape parade and was never the subject of a feature film. Interesting, since he received the Medal of Honor and was the most highly-decorated living US soldier in history.

  4. Jaime Says:

    RIP Colonel Howard….The toughest though was Msg Roy P Benavidez..Check out the youtube “honor at last for Roy P Benavidez”….No one tougher!

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