In a political race being termed “the upset of the century,” Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley for the U.S. Senate seat previously controlled by the late Ted Kennedy in Massachussets. In fact, no Republican had occupied that Senate seat since 1953.

National political experts were still trying to evaluate the Democratic ass-kicking that turned a former nude male model:

into a blue collar hero identified by his tv ad pickup truck.

How did the Democrats manage to choke away their 60-40 Senate lead by losing one of the bluest of blue states in the country? Easy, they ran an absolute moron.


There are certain watershed moments in U.S. political history that can doom a candidate. Those instants in time can define a politician be they a Democrat:

or a Republican:


Martha Coakley’s Waterloo? Take your pick. How about being so stupid that she mistakenly identified Boston Red Sox World Series hero Curt Schilling as being a NewYork Yankees fan?

Many cable tv analysts were also piling on the tone deafness of the campaign run by Coakley. With 50/50 hindsight, several of those experts pointed out that Coakley went on vacation in December. Actually, she’d have probably gotten more votes if she had never come back. When a reporter asked Coakley if she was too passive in her campaigning, she responded by saying, “As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?”

To quote Jon Stewart from “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, “Ummm…YES!!!!!!”

After being proven to be the intellectual inferior to Curt Schilling and less likeable in Boston than Rudy Giuliani, Coakley racked up one fiasco after another. She actually misspelled “Massachussets” in a campaign ad:

Coakley then cluelessly looked on while one of her staff volunteers knocked a reporter to the ground last week. Whereas Brown was once paid by Cosmo to pose naked, Coakley’s knowledge of the unwashed masses didn’t even extend to the Boston Red Sox. Proving she was too dense to even be a politician, Coakley’s only attempted pop culture reference was an incredibly lame Herman’s Hermits joke about a song that was recorded 47 GODDAMN YEARS AGO that she made in her concession speech to Brown. Pathetic.

In the end, Coakley ran one of the most inept campaigns in U.S. political history. Over the last several weeks, Coakley became such an embarrassment and a loser that she literally forced voters in MASSACHUSSETS to deny they were Democrats. Tucker Carlson had a great piece on his new Daily Caller website. Carlson’s article was published less than three hours before the polls closed on Tuesday. In that article, Carlson interviews noted Republican pollster and Fox News fixture Frank Luntz.

Luntz totally called his shot, saying he KNEW Coakley was going to lose because he literally couldn’t PAY people in a focus group to admit they were supporters of hers. Luntz points out that his polling firm actually pays people good money to go on television to discuss their candidate. No less than SIX Coakley supporters pulled out of the focus group and refused to be identified in public as Martha Coakley supporters.


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