Sean Payton is a scab.

The New Orleans Saints head coach, who led his team to this year’s Super Bowl, was a replacement player for the 1987 Chicago Bears. Payton crossed the picket line to suit up for the Bears while the real NFL players were out on strike. Such a move would have been career suicide in the NBA or Major League Baseball, both of which have strong players unions. Payton himself has been quoted as saying being a replacement player was a “foot in the door” for his coaching career and eventually landing the Saints job.

There are thousands of media members who are credentialed to cover this year’s Super Bowl. Yet, a Google search shows there is exactly ONE story on the entire Internet that even mentions the fact that Payton was a scab. Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville did a very revealing column entitled, “Sean Payton follows road from scab to Saints’ folk hero.” Frenette’s article even goes into the relationship between Payton and his quarterback, Drew Brees. Brees is not only a union activist, but the NFLPA vice president as well. Frenette references Payton as a scab multiple times in his article. The term “scab” by the way is not judgmental. It’s factual . If you look up the word’s definition, in any dictionary, NOWHERE will it say “slang” or “pejorative.”

There were literally more stories on replacement baseball players this week than the fact that Sean Payton once crossed a picket line. Kevin Millar is STILL getting crap over being a replacement baseball player in 1994. This despite the fact that Payton and Millar’s circumstances were vastly different. Millar was a REAL baseball player who was forced by the Florida Marlins to play in replacement games or be released or traded to Japan. Since Millar was a career minor league player at the time, he was NOT a member of the union. Yet, to this day, Millar has been banned from the MLBPA for life and has had his real name replaced on every video game and licensing deal ever signed by the union. Despite his obvious leadership skills, Mr. “Cowboy Up” is never going to be a Major League manager. Solely, because of his strike-breaking activities. Replacement baseball players are despised and blacklisted for life. In football, they’re cute.

The NFL also wants nothing to do with Payton’s Bears career. There isn’t a single picture ever put out by the league of Payton in a replacement game uniform. The official photo of Payton released by the NFL is a black and white picture showing him playing for the Leicester Panthers in the UK Budweiser National League (see above.) That’s right, the NFL would LITERALLY rather send out a picture of their Super Bowl coach playing in a beer league than show him for what he really is. A scab.




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