The Twitter war between Hollywood director Kevin Smith and Southwest Air continues unabated. Smith was thrown off an Oakland-Burbank, CA flight on Sunday for being “too fat.” The two sides have basically been exchanging insults and Tweets non-stop ever since.

Somebody from Southwest leaked that Smith weighs 490 pounds (doubtful.) Meanwhile, Smith claims the airline called him personally and didn’t apologize but only offered him a $100 voucher for his inconvenience. Smith also complains, “Now I’m gonna carry this Too Fat To Fly s- around like herpes for the rest of my life.” Some idiot on Twitter pulled the Rosa Parks card and actually hyped Smith as a modern-day Martin Luther King Jr. for fat people.

Unbelievably, BOTH sides appear to be winning. Smith hasn’t had a hit movie in literally over a generation (16 years.) With this incident, he’s gotten thousands of articles of free publicity for his upcoming Bruce Willis movie “Cop Out.” Who even knew Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith had a movie coming out? Hopefully, the publicity over “Fatgate” will draw more moviegoers than Smith’s  last publicity stunt. During the release of his generally funny but box office flop “Zach and Miri Make a Porno,” which starred Seth Rogen, Smith admitted that he suffers from “morbid obesity” and is so fat once broke a toilet off the wall. Shockingly, that admission didn’t draw the youth market to Smith’s movie.

Now, Smith has made virtually every newspaper and website in the country thanks only to his fatness. However, Gawker called Smith’s Tweets over the Southwest debacle his “best writing” in years. Besides, it’s not like the geniuses at Warner Brothers marketing “Cop Out” have hit a gold mine with their tagline “Rock Out With Your Glock Out.”

Meanwhile, Southwest is getting some free pub as well and a recent poll showed 58% of people back the airline in the dispute. After all, who hasn’t sat next to a fat, disgusting load on an airplane? Particularly, while flying on Southwest.

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  1. Sir Says:

    Again. Loser

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