Once again, Sarah Palin is PISSED that somebody made a joke that referenced her family. Even indirectly. Sunday’s episode of the cartoon “Family Guy” featured one of its characters dating a girl with Down’s Syndrome. During the cartoon, the girl refers to her mother as “the former governor of Alaska.” Palin is the former governor of Alaska whose infant son has Down’s Syndrome.

As per usual, Palin took to Facebook to respond. She called the comment from “Fox Hollywood” a “kick in the gut.” Notice Palin didn’t criticize “Fox” or “Fox TV.” She draws a multi-million dollar salary as a commentator from the Fox News Channel.

Fox may love Sarah Palin, but reality is “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane generates BILLIONS of dollars for the network. MacFarlane’s latest contract is for $100 million. He is going to win any pissing match with Sarah Palin at Fox.

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  1. northernlibertyalliance Says:

    If nothing else, wouldn’t you agree that attacking a tiny child with Down’s syndrome is “pretty darn tacky”?

    It would be similar to taunt an old person in a park. The abuse of the almost defenseless.

    I could care less if the Liberal media and Hollywood attacks Palin, she is an adult. But to attack her child? Really?

    I knew the hatred of the Left was deep, but not to that level.

  2. 152 Says:

    Seriously, northern liberty?
    I’m not a huge fan of Family Guy, I try to avoid anything on any Fox network, but the staple of this show is to get as rude as possible.
    Nothing to see here.

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