Here are two BRUTAL stories if you’re a hockey fan. First, the tv ratings are out for Sunday’s epic USA/Canada hockey game. It’s not pretty for those of you who were screaming that the game should have been shown on NBC. The game actually drew barely HALF as many viewers as the ESPN telecast of the Pro Bowl three weeks ago. That’s right. An exhibition football game drew twice as many viewers as the biggest hockey game in 30 years.

Also, there is a report that the NHL may be leaving the Atlanta market in favor of returning to Winnipeg. Successful sports don’t abandon the U.S./Atlanta market in favor of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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  1. Jack Bond Says:

    So… when the Rams left Los Angeles, the second largest market in the United States, in favor of relocating in St. Louis, was that insight into the success of the NFL? Every major sport is represented in Los Angeles except the NFL, this alone renders your assertion moot.

    Frankly, while Atlanta is indeed a lovely city, I think the populace finds hockey to be either ethnically, or intellectually challenging for them, either way, the league will ultimately be better off with a team in Winnipeg, Atlanta was NEVER relevant in terms of hockey and never will be.

    I’m glad the game was televised on MSNBC, as it was presented with an absolute minimum of commercial interruptions, a factor that NEVER would have happened on NBC, especially during Prime Time.

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