Earlier this week, we posted about how Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky was singlehandedly responsible for several million Americans possibly losing their unemployment insurance. Bunning was the lone member of the Senate holding up an extension of unemployment benefits.

Now, because of his actions, a group representing unemployed Americans wants Bunning kicked out of baseball’s Hall of Fame. Saying Bunning is “mean” and “despicable” the group UCubed (Ur Union of Unemployed) has even started a petition demanding Bunning’s plaque be removed from Cooperstown. U3 says it will present the signed petition to Bunning’s Senate office and the Baseball Writers Association of America (whose members vote on the Hall of Fame.)



  1. mrogi Says:

    If Ty Cobb never got kicked out of the Hall of Fame nobody ever will.

  2. William Miller Says:

    So now we’re going to judge a person’s HOF worthiness based on their political opinions? Absurd. I’m a Democrat, and I think what Senator Bunning did regarding the Unemployed is terrible, but going after his HOF plaque is just plain stupid. Let’s not mix toxic politics with baseball. That is a dangerous path to go down. Bill (

  3. vegas cabbie Says:

    they didn’t kick O.J. out of the PFHOF

    this is someone just trying to get a little press

  4. bvjama Says:

    get a job you bums. should we pay for them forever

  5. William Miller Says:

    bvjama, In case you haven’t noticed, we are in the worst economic downturn in around 80 years. Most of the unemployed HAD jobs up until a year or two ago, and would very much like to work again to support their families. Being unemployed sucks. I know ’cause I’ve been there before. But when you have 50 people each competing for one part-time job, with no benefits, it’s not fair to blame the unemployed for their predicament. I’m also guessing you wouldn’t have the balls to say it to their faces; it’s easy for morons to hide behind a computer and spout nonsense.

  6. Mac G Says:

    I would settle for someone to piss on it.

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