The website Kissing Suzy Kolber does a great job of piecing together multiple articles for what may be the stupidest conspiracy theory EVER. According to some disgruntled Indianapolis Colts fans, quarterback Peyton Manning threw the Super Bowl. He lost on purpose.

Who would believe such nonsense? Why would he do it? Well, under the version of the conspiracy theory written about by Fanhouse, Manning threw the game because he’s such a great person and a “humanitarian.” He wanted to relieve the pain of the people of New Orleans. Manning grew up in the city while his dad was the Saints quarterback. The source for the Fanhouse article? A drunk guy in an Indianapolis sports bar. Longtime newspaper columnist Terence Moore defends Manning in the piece by saying he’s simply a “choker,” not a guy who fixes football games. Moore even asks the mayor of Indianapolis whether or not he thinks Manning threw the game. Seriously.

However, the Fanhouse theory is Pulitzer Prize material compared to what some nutjob wrote on bleacherreport.com in a piece entitled “The Fix Was In For The Saints To Win.” Written immediately after the game, that article follows the America-wanted-the-Saints-to-win “logic” as well. Hilariously, the article on Bleacher Report is voting enabled. A whopping 12% of fans voted “yes” or “maybe” to the question,”Was the Super Bowl a fix?”

Some douche even built a website around the conspiracy theory of Peyton Manning fixing the Super Bowl. An “Indianapolis Mom” also believes the game may have been fixed along with the usual scum that flock towards conspiracy theories.

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