A mug shot of the Florida man arrested for scamming restaurants.


Another Florida classic.

The Smoking Gun has the story of a 600-pound man who was convicted of stealing food from various restaurants and convenience stores. George Jolicoeur tried to get $50 back from a Seminole County 7-11 by claiming the beef jerky he had purchased was “moldy.”

Jolicoeur has a history of seeking refunds from stores for voluminous amounts of food. He also tried to get money for 10 gallons worth of Dreyer’s ice cream that Jolicoeur said had been damaged. Jolicoeur also once refused to pay for five milk shakes that he drank after claiming to find a hair in the last one.

Even better, the New York Daily News is reporting that Jolicoeur is avoiding jail for the simple reason that he is too fat. Prosecutors didn’t want to assume the bedridden bandit’s medical costs. Quote of the year: On his way to jail, Jolicoeur was overheard saying, “The beef jerky got me.”


One Response to “600-POUND MAN AVOIDS JAIL”

  1. shoreke Says:

    There is a positive side to this story. Mike Responts now knows he can never be incarcerated.

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