Thomas Mitchell


Thomas Mitchell, the editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, is apparently in trouble for a tongue-in-cheek article column he penned for his newspaper entitled, “Time to repeal the 19th Amendment?”

In the article, Mitchell makes the argument that women shouldn’t be allowed to remain having the right to vote because they are too illogical. Mitchell then cites a number of polls to back up his point.

Mitchell was forced to apologize for the column within 24 hours. According to Mitchell, R-J readers were quick to respond:

“I was called an idiot, an (expletive deleted) moron, an ignorant redneck male chauvinist, a racist, a sexist, a narrow minded and crude douchebag, unsophisticated, ignorant, a flat earther, a fool, a Neanderthal and a misogynist.”

Mitchell apologized for not being “a good enough writer to attempt satire. Apparently.”

Apparently, not many people got the joke. Several organizations apparently took Mitchell seriously. Others blasted Mitchell just for being stupid.

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