Seattle is the center of a racial firestorm following the release of a video showing two city police officers beating and kicking a Latino man while threatening to “Beat the f****** Mexican piss out of you, homey!”

Police were investigating a robbery in the area. The suspect, who one officer kicked in the head, turned out to be completely innocent. Like the 1991 Rodney King beating in Los Angeles, the entire incident was caught on video tape.

Although reports are that the beating was filmed by a “freelance photographer,” that’s entirely not true. Jud Morris was actually being paid by KCPQ-TV (Q13) when he shot the video. He was driving a Q-13 van and shot the footage on a Q-13 camera. Unbelievably, channel 13 refused to air the video which it had a month ago. The station then FIRED Morris. The story has become nearly as big of a scandal for Q13 as it has for the Seattle police.

There is speculation that KCPQ originally refused to air the video because of their close relationship with Seattle police. One source said the television show “Washington’s Most Wanted” is the station’s top money maker and KCPQ didn’t want to jeopardize its close relationship with law enforcement.

The video has caused an uproar with civil rights and Latin-American groups throughout the Seattle area. None of the officers involved in the incident has been disciplined in any fashion. They are all on active duty. None have been placed on administrative leave.

KIRO tv video of beating

Seattle Police Detective Shandy Cobane apologizes for language he used while beating innocent suspect:


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