The city of Chicago wanted to do something special to honor their National Hockey League team. The Chicago Blackhawks had just reached the Western Conference Finals in the NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs.

So, to pay tribute to the Blackhawks, the politicians in Chicago decided to dye the water in the city’s Daley Plaza Fountain red. Not a problem, right? After all, this is a city that manages to dye an entire river green every year in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Fail: Unfortunately, dye ended up turning the water in the fountain hot pink, not red as planned. The gaffe was so embarrassing that the city finaly turned the water off in the fountain.




  1. Mark Says:

    Actually… all of your information is wrong. It wasn’t the politicians who dyed it. It was a special event for the city sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Special Events, wherein the mayor had nothing to do with the situation, nor any other politicians. Also, it was not turned off out of “embarrassment” but to fix the dye ratio. As such, it is no longer a problem and the redye will commence within 24 hours.

    Embarrassing to be you, huh?

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