Basketball star Dwyane Wade has been the beneficiary of two huge financial windfalls this offseason.

1. He’s a free agent in the most lucrative year of free agency in NBA history.

2. His soon-to-be ex-wife is a moron who has mounted the worst legal strategy in the history of American celebrity divorces.

Siovaughn Wade this week fired the NINTH lawyer in her divorce case against her Miami Heat star husband. Her behavior during the divorce proceedings has been so erratic that a Cook County judge didn’t completely discount the possibility of Siovaughn Wade having to undergo a psychiatric exam. You know things aren’t going your way when a judge entertains the possibility of a psychiatric exam. In a divorce case. Even TMZ has mocked Siovaughn Wade’s legal strategy.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Judge told Mrs. Wade the divorce case was going forward whether she got her tenth divorce lawyer or not. The judge admonished her saying if she didn’t have an attorney by July 19th, “Then Mrs. Wade, you’re Perry Mason.You’re representing yourself.”


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